No matter how strong the physician recruiter or the physician candidate, the client is the key to a successful recruiting effort. Toward that end, Physician Finders helps all clients to “put their best foot forward” and close the deal in securing a new physician.

Physician Finders will:

  • Advise clients of key messages and steps necessary to ensure that the ideal candidate remains focused on the presented career opportunity.
  • Create a dynamic itinerary for an onsite visit, including time with practice physicians and staff, board members, and key decision makers. Opportunities for casual interaction, such as dinners, and recreation time such as golf or sightseeing, also are recommended. Spousal itineraries also can be developed at the request of the candidate or client. Time away from the business setting gives the employer and the candidate an opportunity to view each other in a different light, thereby giving each other better insight into personalities and behavior.
  • Pre-interview all members of the interviewing team forming a clear, consistent message that should be delivered to the physician candidate. Physician Finders also pre-qualifies and interviews each candidate to help determine issues that would influence a decision to accept or reject a position.
  • Ensure that a contractual agreement is prepared and ready to be presented during the first visit should there be a favorable impression of the candidate. At the request of the client, Physician Finders can develop the appropriate contract or the organization may present its own contractual agreement. Oftentimes, qualified candidates leaving without an offer have the time to explore other opportunities, thus jeopardizing acceptance. If your organization is able to make an offer, it is always best to send the candidate home with a contract and start the negotiation process.