• Qualified candidates identified as early as 15 days from initial round of contacts.
  • Experience in recruiting physicians for private group practices as well as recruitment for entire departments of academic medical centers establishing a new specialty or service.
  • Successfully recruited physician candidates of all medical specialties.
  • Five-year retention rate of placed physicians > 90 %
  • Interview to acceptance ratio of < 1 – 3
  • High degree of client satisfaction.
  • Recurring clients comprise over 90% of our current portfolio.


Physician Finders has a retention rate of more than 90% for recruited physicians placed over the past five years.

We understand that it is not enough to simply recruit a qualified physician. With a growing physician shortage and multiple career opportunities available, Physician Finders works directly with the client organization on strategies to ensure retention.

One of our strategies is a Physician Mentor Program, an excellent tool for physician retention. Physicians go where they are invited, and organizations retain physicians if they treat them well. Physicians grow professionally in a well-cultivated environment.

A Physician Mentor can assist the new physician with both professional and personal issues during the first year of service to the organization. Perhaps a physician may need advice on restaurants, day care services, schools, or housing.  The physician may have questions regarding organizational policies, staff relations, or patient issues. Mentoring a new physician could be as easy as a monthly lunch or coffee away from the work setting.


Physician Finders has the experience necessary to help a client organization develop a formal Physician Mentor Program to enhance retention.