Physician Finders is like no other physician recruiting service. You will get a personalized touch no matter what your situation is or what your desires are for job placement. Physician Finders helped me find a position that suits my practice style, philosophies, and goals, and I am thrilled!”

Debi Thomas, M.D.

Former World Champion and Olympic Medalist


“Excellent resource, always professional and diligent. Clearly a leader in the field.”

John Birk, M.D.

Professor and Chair, Department of Gastroenterology


“My experience with Mr. Corbett was extremely positive; he was very well informed of the environment and scope of the position. He conducted the entire process in a highly professional manner with integrity and efficiency. I highly recommend him.”

A. Murcia, M.D.


It is my pleasure to recommend Gene Corbett’s Physician Finders. Gene is the consummate professional; very accessible, personable, knowledgeable and honest.  Not only did he help me immensely in finding my current position,  but our group continues to employ his recruiting services.  He always delivers first rate candidates, that match whatever our current needs may be.

L. Schielke, M.D.


I am very glad I worked with Gene for my recent job search. He made the whole job search process very smooth and easy for me. He was very prompt and professional in facilitating my communication with my prospective employers and he contacted them on my behalf regarding any questions or concerns I had. I strongly recommend him to anyone who wants a smooth and successful job search experience like I did.

Oluremi Aliyu M.D.



Physician Finders made finding a medical practice a no-sweat proposition, from start to finish. They went out of their way taking a friendly, personal interest in me. They work quickly locating potential locations for interviews in desirable locations. Physician Finders responded quickly to calls and always made time for me. They understood my needs and found exactly what suited me best.

Marvin Lee, M.D.



When my husband transferred jobs on short notice, I needed to find a new job in an unfamiliar city, quickly. Physician Finders gave me options within twenty four hours. They found positions that were not listed in the classified ads. They did all the legwork by making all the telephone calls that would have taken me hours to do during my day. Physician Finders allowed me to concentrate on my patients while I knew that someone was working to find me a new job.

Robin Wind, M.D.


Physician Finders worked with me 3 years ago when I finished my residency training. I have just become a partner in the practice that they found for me. My experience through that process was made easier and ultimately successful as a result of their unique balancing act incorporating the sometimes conflicting goals of the parties involved. As a paid agent of the practice looking for a new associate, their concern for placing the right physician in the right position was always there. They listened to my needs, desires, expectations, and professional goals, and fashioned an excellent fit. After intial contact, the follow up was invaluable. They continued to provide support through contract negotiations leading to a satisfactory agreement. They have continued to maintain contact and be supportive as my career develops. All in all, contrary to some colleagues experiences with “headhunters”, mine with Physician Finders was and continues to be, a most pleasant, professional experience.

Hank Nusbaum, M.D.


I highly recommend Physician Finders. I have worked with other recruitment agencies in the past and find Physician Finders to be superior. They work with their clients and find positions which best suit everyone. Physician Finders does not constantly call clients like some agencies do, however, they do keep clients updated on search findings. Although I decided to stay at my current position, I still hear from Physician Finders a couple of times a year, but it’s a mutual social call. When I decide to move on, I know I can count on Physician Finders to find me another position which will suit my needs.

C. Abbatiello, D.O.


Physician Finders is a fantastic organization. During my search, they helped me with my practice search in a very professional and organized fashion. They listened and understood my needs in both a practice and the community. They were able to make a perfect match for me and I am very happy with the result.

R. Luthra, M.D.


Physician Finders was established by Gene Corbett in 1993. The company helps physicians every inch of the way to find the ideal job and place that suits them most. The members of the staff are friendly and accommodating. Their goal is directed to the best interests of both their clients and the physician. The company follows up and helps straighten out problems that may come up.

Gene is highly motivated and hardworking. He is kind hearted, sincere, honest, and down to earth.

I highly recommend Physician Finders.

W.G., M.D.


As a resident in a hard core city, working with such friendly people as those at Physician Finders is a physician’s plus. Some headhunters push every place even if they lack the first three requirements that you, as a resident, are looking for in a practice. However, the recruiters at Physician Finders stick to the demographics and specifications outlined by the physician and come up with well qualified opportunities. If you want from your recruiter, a professional and personal outcome that benefits both the physician and the employer, then the people at Physician Finders are your right choice.

Joel D. Shiffler, M.D.