Positions Available

Dermatology Positions Available

NEW ENGLAND– Northeast Dermatology has 25 offices in New England.  They have clinical offices in Greater Boston, along the Boston shore to the south including Cape Cod, and several clinical offices in New Hampshire and Maine.  The practice consists of over 40 Dermatologists and over 20 mid-levels.  We have general medical and cosmetic opportunities in our locations near Boston and Cape Cod.  We have the flexibility to accommodate any location in Boston in which a practitioner is seeking.

SEATTLE– North Pacific Dermatology consists of 4 locations and 8 Dermatologists in Greater Seattle.  We are actively seeking to expand to several other locations as patients are waiting several months for routine appointments. The practice offers a complete array of dermatologic services including all general medical dermatology, cosmetic, and Mohs procedures.  We have secured office space for the expansion and are ready for the incoming Dermatologist.

SOUTH FLORIDA– Premier Dermatology is a robust Dermatology practice in southern Florida with 5 locations, 5 physicians and they are expanding into another office in Miami.  We are seeking a Dermatologist who can complement Dr. Dorene Niv in anchoring the new office by providing general medical dermatology services.  Premier has a footprint from Miami to Boca!

NYC– Vanguard Dermatology is a comprehensive medical Dermatology practice offering services to patients of every age.  We have eleven offices in New York City, located in The Financial District, Chinatown and the rest of the boroughs!   We are recruiting another Dermatologist to join us in practice and have several options available.

ATLANTA– Southeast Dermatology is pleased to announce the recruitment of another Dermatologist in the Greater Atlanta area.  SE Dermatology has several options for D Discover what PhyNet can do for your dermatology practice management. Whether it’s human resources, accounting, or dermatology practice administration and record-keeping, PhyNet gives you the freedom to focus on patient care and practice success.ermatologists to join existing offices or start up practices in Greater Atlanta.  We have locations in Peachtree City and Stockbridge ready to build!

LOS ANGELES CA– Palos Verdes Dermatology and Dr. Howard Fein are seeking additional dermatologists to join this very successful practice in Rolling Hills, California.  Dr. Fein is seeking a General Medical Dermatologist.  Dr. Fein has built a tremendously successful practice and has won several awards for his dedication to clinical care and patient appreciation.  He is very active in Mohs and Cosmetic Dermatology and has authored several articles for publication.  He actively teaches at UCLA and remains academically active.

WASHINGTON DC– Semler Dermatology is seeking another practitioner to join their team located in the DC Suburbs.  Dr. Semler is in his 18th year of practice in Leesburg, VA.  The team is expanding to McLean, VA and is searching for a general medical dermatologist who is interested in providing those services along with cosmetic services to the patients in this suburb of DC.

NEW ORLEANS– Dr. Mary Lupo has been an innovator in the field of cosmetic dermatology.  With almost 4 decades of practice experience, Dr. Lupo has paved the way for non-surgical cosmetic care and her patients travel very long distances to seek her advice.  Dr. Lupo is seeking a practitioner to see general dermatology patients and help establish another office location in Greater New Orleans.

SARASOTA FL– Dr. Alla Gruman has been in practice in Sarasota, Florida for 20 years.  She has built a tremendously successful practice focusing on general medical dermatology.  Dr. Gruman has space selected, an office equipped, and is ready to open the doors once a dermatologist has been selected.  patient demand for dermatology services is tremendous and growing on the Florida’s West Coast.

CINCINNATI– The Dermatology Group Partners is a well-established group practice of 7 dermatologists and 8 mid-levels distributed among 7 offices in Greater Cincinnati.  The practice will welcome another dermatologist to work at any of the present locations or start another office depending upon the geographic preference of the incoming dermatologist.

CENTRAL IL– Dermatology and Mohs Surgery Institute have a tremendous need for another practitioner.  The patient volume is literally overwhelming and the dermatology practice is only limited by the work ethic of the dermatologist.  Several cities in Central Illinois are severely underserved for patients.  The physicians and staff are very dedicated to serving the patient needs and the practice has 14 offices located throughout Central Illinois.

LAFAYETTE IN– Swan Dermatology is expanding into a new location. Dr. Swan has provided excellent dermatologic care in the Lafayette, Indiana community for the past 20 years. There is a tremendous need for general medical dermatology in the community.  Dr. Swan is very committed to assisting the new provider.