Quincy Anesthesia Associates, Quincy IL

We invite you to investigate the rewards of working and living in Quincy!    

Quincy Anesthesia Associates (QAA) is a group that works out of Blessing Hospital in Quincy IL.  They are the exclusive providers of anesthesia services in Quincy and they are a private practice group.  They have held this contract for about 50 years. QAA is expanding their group due to added surgical volumes and CRNA shifts.  They are seeking additional CRNAs to increase the staff to a 26-provider practice.

In 2017, the group expanded tremendously due to increase starts and volumes of surgery.  QAA is expanding again by 4 CRNAs due to call requirements.  For the fall of 2020, they will add a night shift CRNA to further decrease the call responsibilities of the staff.  QAA is offering a salary that eclipses the 75th percentile for compensation as measured by the 2019 AANA salary survey.

New graduate earnings will fall between a minimum of $215,000 and could reach $250,000 dependent on call taken! 

During COVID, our CRNAs never had a reduction in salary or missed a paycheck! 

The group works out of two locations; Blessing Hospital and a surgical center.  The surgical center has 3 rooms staffed daily and the hospital has 11.  They just added another room in the main hospital.  The hospital has also just announced they will be constructing a brand-new surgical center at the main hospital campus.  This will make things more convenient for all staff as there will be a Skywalk to go back and forth from the surgical center to the main ORs.  This is a state-of-the-art surgery center of new construction in a $20 million capital improvement. 

Types of Surgery
Blessing has a heart program that does about 100 annually.  The docs take the heart call for those cases.  The CRNAs do Neurosurgery, General Surgery, Urology, Vascular, GI, OB, GYN, Ortho, ENT, Eyes, Podiatry, etc.  ASA 1 through 4.

Service Area
The service area is 300k with 50k people being in the city of Quincy.  Quincy has seasonal festivals, a farmer’s market, is family friendly, has good schools, low crime and in general, a great place to live and work.  Many of the CRNAs have ties to Quincy and have returned to work there.  In the last few years, CRNAs were recruited out of programs in Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Dakota, Kansas City, and Barnes in St. Louis.

The group enjoys a tremendous collegial environment with the Anesthesiologists, CRNAs, Surgeons and OR staff.  People enjoy working at Quincy; it is a positive work environment.  They enjoy excellent relationships with the surgeons and the hospital administration.  The docs are very visible with the administration and cultivate relationships. The group is a private practice group partnership and the CRNAs are a valued and integral part of the anesthesia team model. There are 14 CRNAs in the group presently and the goal is to add 4 more.  The call schedule will be split evenly among those CRNAs who take call. Extra call and call pay are available for those who wish to earn more.    

Work Week
Our target is a work week average of 45 hours per week.  The CRNAs who take call the day before are the first ones to leave the following day.  20% of the time, the CRNAs go home early by at least 2 hours.

Weekday Call Compensation
First call – $1,000
Second call – $600
Third call – $300

Weekend Call Compensation
First call – $1,500
Second call – $750
Night shift weekend and holidays – $1,000

Important Information
·         A collegial environment with outstanding surgeons and staff.
·         A comprehensive benefit plan valued at $50,000 which includes family health insurance and employer contribution to retirement.
·         Some CRNAs in our group exceed the 90th Percentile for income because of our paid call compensation plan.
·         Our CRNAs enjoy 35 days off combined vacation and holidays.
·         Family health insurance valued at $25,000.
·         Retirement benefit at 9% of earnings.
·         Optional Sign-on Bonus available.
·         CME and Licensing – $4,000
·         LTD – $1,500


Quincy is a wonderful community in which to raise a family.  Check out these links.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uW7D8wTkrk – All-American city presentation
https://www.qps.org/  Quincy schools
https://www.quincy.edu/ Quincy University – a 4- year Liberal Arts University in Quincy.
https://davisrealtor.com/ We work with Melissa Reis who does a great job touring the area for our guests! 


St. Louis is an easy two-hour drive, four-lane highway.  Chicago is accessible by train.  Quincy airport offers non-stop service to both St. Louis and Chicago.  Quincy is a two- time winner of an All-American City based upon Quality of Life considerations.  Forbes ranks Quincy as one of the best small cities in America. 

Our family-oriented city offers recreational activities for all, including sports, dance, fine arts, museums, and all types of outdoor fun and excellent local restaurants!  Education in Quincy is highly valued and the city boasts two collegiate opportunities in town including a nursing school. 

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