Lupo Dermatology and Dr. Mary Lupo in New Orleans are seeking a Dermatologist.

Dr. Mary Lupo has been an innovator in the field of cosmetic Dermatology.  She has a very large Instagram following and conducts an annual boot camp in Aspen, Colorado that is always well attended by Dermatologists seeking expert instruction in cosmetic Dermatologic care.  With almost 4 decades of practice experience, Dr. Lupo has paved the way for non-surgical cosmetic care and her patients travel very long distances to seek her advice. 

Dr. Lupo has participated in several clinical trials in her practice history and will be expanding her footprint in clinical trials.  The office is very well equipped with various lasers and tools to assist the Dermatologist in both general medical Dermatology and cosmetic Dermatology.  The staff is very well trained and is a huge asset in assisting the Dermatologist achieve optimal results in patient care. 

Dr. Lupo is seeking a practitioner to see general Dermatology patients and help establish another office location in Greater New Orleans.  The incoming practitioner will see an immediate complement of patients as Dr. Lupo will refer all the general medical Dermatology to the incoming practitioner.  This is an excellent opportunity to work and learn from a well-renowned Dermatologist as Dr. Lupo is eager to teach her methods to Dermatologists who join this practice. 

The successful candidate will be tendered a very competitive salary and benefit package leading to an equity position.

For additional information about this very unique opportunity, please contact our recruiter, Mr. Gene Corbett.  Mr. Corbett may be contacted directly at 636-288-4003 or by email at